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August 29, 2018 / Technology

Adobe supports impekable via the adobe fund for design to build a content plugin for adobe xd cc

SAN JOSE, AUG 28, 2018. Impekable is proud to announce that the company is receiving support from Adobe through the Adobe Fund for Design to build a plugin that allows users to design with real data from a variety of sources, directly in Adobe XD.

One of the most useful features of Adobe XD is the repeat grid which allows designers to populate repeating elements such as lists and tables with images from a drive via drag and drop. Impekable is extending this feature by allowing users to populate these repeating elements with content sourced from spreadsheets. This allows designers to focus on design while allowing them the ability to populate real data more conveniently than manual editing.
Impekable’s Adobe XD Design with Data Plugin will launch with support for Google Sheets and CSV files.

“Content informs design, and when you design with lorem ipsum text or fake unrealistic data, you are not really seeing how the design will actually perform under real world circumstances”, said Pek Pongpaet, partner at Impekable.

Impekable was recently invited to participate in Adobe XD Dev Days, a gathering of select partners, and given access to early Adobe XD plugin APIs in order to build useful tools for the design community. Impekable built a very early prototype of the XD plugin during the event and will use the funds to complete the plugin for the general public.

Impekable is a digital agency specializing in user experience design and enterprise software engineering based in San Jose CA. The company is a 2018 Inc 5000 honoree as well as a top ranked agency in the San Francisco Bay area.