February 22, 2017 / Technology

The best mobile development frameworks used by your favorite apps

Here is a quick guide on the best mobile development frameworks. Each of these frameworks classify as “middleware”, which means it can build apps for both iPhone and Android.


This simple guide breaks down each platform and which apps use it. Typically, it’s encouraged for companies to forge their own path and not religiously follow what other apps do. However, inaction is NEVER a winning strategy. So we hope that we can get some gears turning and help your decision a little bit more.


Now let’s get started.


React Native

react native

What it has: A lot of guides and documents to help use the platform. React Native uses common UI building blocks. You can put these building blocks together using JavaScript and React. The platform also features instant app reloading. This means you know that code displayed is the latest. Another huge plus is that it doesn’t force you to exclusively use React by giving you the option to use native code to fine tune your app.


Who uses it: Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Baidu, Walmart, Vogue


Apache Cordova


What it has: Apache Cordova was previously known as “Phonegap,” which has since become the base of Adobe’s own version of the framework. Cordova is a direct HTML wrapper that works with other forms of code. This means that Apache Cordova does not product any native code itself. Cordova has a solid offline support and lets you reuse code across platforms. The platform also offers a wide selection of tools like Visual Studio and Intel XDX to work with. Plus you can work with other frameworks that are complementary to Cordova like Ionic.


Who uses it: Pacifica, FanReact, Gudog, Clever Baby, Keepe, Sworkit




What it has: An open source mobile SDK with over 70 native device plugins. Uses one code base but optimized for native applications for all major app stores in addition to web. Contains a base theme with other ready-made components like typography. Also, Ionic can also build upon Cordova, so you’re not really bound to one choice.


Who uses it: EA, NASA, Adobe, Firebase, Target, Baskin Robbins




What it has: Xamarin uses the powerful C# language with a shareable interface code. You also have access to ANY API for each platform, call up existing code in Objective C and Java. Another perk is that you can build apps for wearables like Apple Watch or Android Wear. Other frameworks might not be as flexible in this sense, so it’s nice to have the option.


Who uses it: ThermoFisher, 3M, Honeywell, Acorns, Fox Sports, Pinterest



When it comes down to it, all these frameworks will more or less get the same app done. Feel free to test them out for yourself and draw your own conclusion. Our developers have experience in all the frameworks listed here. This means if you’re stuck, you can let us know at [email protected] and we’ll help you through it.

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