Adobe XD Google Sheets Plugin
Project summary
Impekable built an Adobe XD plugin that connects the platform with Google Sheets. Prominent features include data integration capabilities and a UI/UX-optimized design.
Adobe launched a plugin ecosystem for Adobe XD, a design tool made for designing and prototyping software applications, in order to make the tool more competitive and provide more value to their users.

They needed help in creating as many third-party integrations as possible for their big announcement at Adobe MAX 2018. Impekable needed to be able to deliver a well designed, market ready plugin application in less than 3 months.
The Problem
Designers constantly need to change design files when they receive content (copy or images) from team members. There are no easy ways for teammates to collaborate with designers, and designers don’t want to spend time manually updating their design when teammates make content changes.
The Solution
Adobe partnered with Impekable to create an integration between Adobe XD and Google Sheets whereby data from a Google Sheet could be imported into a design allowing designers to more easily design with real or imported data. Impekable had to work with a very early plugin framework and make a robust plugin worthy of the Google Sheet logo endorsed by Google.
The Results
The Google Sheets Plugin launched very successfully at Adobe MAX. Although Adobe XD launched with 40 plugins at Adobe MAX, 8 plugins were selected to be featured at booths at Adobe MAX and the Google Sheets Plugin was given it’s own booth. Reviews and feedback of the plugin has been very positive. Adobe’s feedback is that it’s one of the more polished plugins at launch.

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What Our Clients Say
Their affinity for high-fidelity deliverables made the onboarding process remarkably smooth.
Vijay Vachani
Director of Partner Platform & Ecosystem, Adobe