Central Department Store
Project summary
Impekable designed Central Department Store Mobile Responsive Website, a Thai department store chain, owned by Central Group. It has branches in Thailand and Indonesia.
Central Department Store needed to revamp their website along with a backend migration to Magento. This required a complete website redesign, which covered all user journeys from browsing to checkout, creating an account, tracking orders, and making refunds to name a few.
The Problem
Our main constraint was the aggressive deadline to deliver the entire website design, including mobile responsive screens, within just a few months. In addition, the original scope of the project had long list of features that made it even more challenging to meet the deadline.
The Solution
Impekable conducted a workshop with key stakeholder to help scope down the 1st phase of the work based on priorities and technical feasibility. We also put together a larger design team that consisted of 2 designers., with one working onsite full-time, and 1 design PM to collaborate closely with the client on this project.
The Results
Impekable's design team was able to complete the website design close to the original timeline. We also made some adjustments to the design to simplify the development effort for certain features in light of the timeline.
What Our Clients Say
Impekable delivered multiple viable designs that required minimal iterations. Their design assets were easy for engineers to make live within the app, and their turn-around was incredibly fast. When it comes to creative design concepts, they’re thought leaders within their industry. They’ve helped us in every way possible.
Impekable was productive from day one and efficiently yielded a mobile app that’s been well received by the public. Mobile developers skillfully mastered a new and complex platform…the Principal staff were friendly, engaging and responsive to feedback. I’m consistently impressed by their technical talent and ability to handle complex projects.
Their designers are very hands-on and understand what our business need. With other agencies, we had to play the role of project manager, but Impekable could handle the project without much involvement from our side. They took something that was conceived in the 80s and 90s and brought it to the 21st century.
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