Google Design Sprint Kit
Project summary
We handled all front-end development of the new site design. Our engineers were given a Sketch file. There was a phased approach that we followed. The redesign of the site was expected to go live during the Design Sprint Kit conference.
The Challenges
The Design Sprint Kit team at Google wanted to update their website. Material Design introduced new guidelines and standards. There was also a desire to make the site look and feel more modern. Other teams at Google with similar websites had successfully received an overhaul.

Kai’s team was fully capable of handling the design, but they seeked out a partner that could help them with the development. We were hired to build their new page layouts with the latest version of Angular.
The Solution
The conference page itself was released with the new site layout before the full site was retrofitted. The previous engineering team used to manage the pages. Due to technical requirements, we adopted a blend approach of being able to build Angular pages in parallel to

Google’s team also desired having a section that allowed for community members to submit their methods and recipes. Impekable built a custom form that accepted submissions. Methods and recipes are saved into a private Google Sheet, and attachments are stored in Google Drive.
The Challenges
The Design Sprint Kit site went live on the first day of the conference. Positive feedback was received from attendees at the conference. Impeakle is now supporting Google through site improvements and preparing for next year’s sprint.
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What Our Clients Say
Impekable delivered multiple viable designs that required minimal iterations. Their design assets were easy for engineers to make live within the app, and their turn-around was incredibly fast. When it comes to creative design concepts, they’re thought leaders within their industry. They’ve helped us in every way possible.
Impekable was productive from day one and efficiently yielded a mobile app that’s been well received by the public. Mobile developers skillfully mastered a new and complex platform…the Principal staff were friendly, engaging and responsive to feedback. I’m consistently impressed by their technical talent and ability to handle complex projects.
Their designers are very hands-on and understand what our business need. With other agencies, we had to play the role of project manager, but Impekable could handle the project without much involvement from our side. They took something that was conceived in the 80s and 90s and brought it to the 21st century.
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