IXDD Website 2018
Project summary
Adobe approached Impekable to design a website that would promote and unite a global community of interaction designers for a single day annual event called World Interaction Design Day, set to occur on September 25, 2018.
In partnership with IxDA, the goal was to welcome everyone around the world to host events and activities around this theme: Diversity and Inclusion in Design.
The project was divided into several phases that were based on the announcement, launch, and recap of the event.
The Challenges
Impekable had a month to design, develop, and launch the first phase of the website, which consisted of a landing page and the ability to sign up for email updates.

Upon creation and approval of wireframes from the landing page, Impekable created a moodboard to help narrow down the design direction that was based on 3 keywords:
The Solution
Impekable quickly created several distinct visual design directions of the hero image for the landing page.

The fourth direction was chosen and expanded upon by completing the rest of the landing page.

Despite the narrowing of the design direction, the designs did not completely resonate with the mission. In addition, there were contrast issues between the text and buttons and the background.

Throughout the next two weeks, Impekable created several different visual designs of the landing page.
The Results
The simplest version for the announcement of the event was chosen, which featured a subtle interactive grid in the background, where the dots would animate and “come together” upon movement of the mouse cursor. The dots represented people and the interactive element represented interaction design.

For the following phase, which included the ability to host events and download web and print resources, Impekable decided to collaborate with the talented, award-winning, StudioJQ, known for their exciting and vivid collection of work ranging from branding, illustration, 3D rendering, and poster design. StudioJQ designed the hero banner and print and web collateral that would live on the website.

With StudioJQ’s help, Impekable focused on the UX/UI and development of the website, which needed to appeal and be accessible to all audiences across the world.

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