Nike NofyMe Campaigns
Project summary
Nike’s North America (NA) Brand Team coordinates product awareness on their website (also known as the Nike Platform) and inside their mobile app. With the use of SMS marketing, they drive customers to the Nike Platform for new products, products that are available for a limited time, or products that offer new colors.
The Problem
The NA Brand Team were faced with unforeseen policy changes at Nike. This forced them to seek out a vendor that could take over their SMS campaigns. They are not a technical group, and have limited access to their development team at Nike. • They’re not a technical group • The timeline was tight for the campaign that was scheduled to be sent within 2 weeks of initial contact • It was during 4th of July with limited access to supporting resources • We were working without full support of the Nike technical staff
The Solution
We worked diligently through the challenge of time, technical limitations, and provided multiple solutions to the NA Brand Team. Our team designed and built a SMS marketing platform that allowed us to collect customer information (phone number and gender). We later sent text messages to them informing them of product availability.
The Results
Nike’s first campaign received 80,000 page views, 23,000 customer notification sign ups, and grossed over 6 figures of income. Since then, Nike has repeatedly engaged with us for support on additional SMS campaigns. We’ve managed over 10 different SMS campaigns for them, and still counting.
What Our Clients Say
Impekable delivered multiple viable designs that required minimal iterations. Their design assets were easy for engineers to make live within the app, and their turn-around was incredibly fast. When it comes to creative design concepts, they’re thought leaders within their industry. They’ve helped us in every way possible.
Impekable was productive from day one and efficiently yielded a mobile app that’s been well received by the public. Mobile developers skillfully mastered a new and complex platform…the Principal staff were friendly, engaging and responsive to feedback. I’m consistently impressed by their technical talent and ability to handle complex projects.
Their designers are very hands-on and understand what our business need. With other agencies, we had to play the role of project manager, but Impekable could handle the project without much involvement from our side. They took something that was conceived in the 80s and 90s and brought it to the 21st century.
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