Zingbox Guardian
Project Summary
Zingbox’s first product was an IoT router and mobile app that helps consumers and families manage, monitor. and secure their home network. Parents are able to monitor incoming and outgoing internet traffic from all connected devices in their home.
The Challenges
After building a physical product and MVP, they discovered a much larger need that fit their business goals in the enterprise space. After switching their efforts from a consumer network management mobile application to a business web enterprise dashboard, Zingbox was able to solve and manage crucial potential risks in the medical industry. Impekable was tasked with designing a complex dashboard that used the Material Design components and guidelines.
The Solution
Impekable assisted Zingbox in logo design, mobile application design, web dashboard design, landing page design, banner design, and animations.
The Result
With Impekable leading the design efforts, Zingbox was able to accrue $22 million in Series B funding.
What Our Clients Say
Impekable’s impact has been tremendous in terms of branding, product design, and website design. Impekable has done a phenomenal job in defining how the outward-facing part of our company looks. mpekable has helped us in every possible way.