Rapid Prototyping

Every company begins with an idea, a plan, a competitive advantage, dreams of establishing itself as a leader in the global business landscape. Once established, companies must continue to find efficient ways to stay relevant and compete with the up-and-coming young startups.

With technology ever continuing to influence and change industries, one way to be competitive is to come up with new software products and services. Many well-established enterprises choose to outsource the development of their new SaaS (software as sales) product idea to agencies like Impekable, and there are good reasons to do so.

Mobile expertise takes time to develop

Established tech companies from a over a decade ago are rooted in desktop software. Smartphones did not exist, mobile devices did not permeate our lives like they do now. Companies that lack mobile expertise partner alongside us to fill in mobile expertise gaps on their team.

One company in particular that is working with us started with desktop Windows software and has developed great expertise in writing C++ code for Windows. Now that the world had gone mobile, with the winners being Apple iOS and Google Android platforms, this established company found that unless they adapted for mobile, their technology was at risk for becoming irrelevant.

Partnering with Impekable, an agency with over 100 completed mobile apps under our belt, was an efficient way to ensure their mobile apps were on par with the modern consumer’s expectations and affordances.

Expertise in any field takes time to develop. By hiring an experienced mobile design & development team, a mobile project can move forward immediately at 100% capacity.

Eliminate the overhead cost in building a new team

It can be a very costly endeavor to spin a whole team or department to take on a new venture. Building a team is hard work. Building a team that works well together efficiently is even harder! It takes a village (with a variety of skill sets) to create a new software product these days. The stakes are higher than before as business users come to expect that business software should have all the conveniences and affordances that sexy venture funded consumer apps have.

The skills required in building new software today encompass everything from user experience design, visual design, mobile, front end development, data science, data visualization, networking, machine learning, IoT and more.

When the business doesn’t even know if this new product will take off, it can be hard to justify the time and cost to build the team required to build such a new product. When competing with start-ups looking to disrupt entire industries, time is of the essence. Time that companies spend attracting new talent could be better spent ideating and developing new ventures.

So, why not just “rent” an existing, well-oiled team to build this new product and first see if the idea has wings? If the new venture is viable and takes off, build your internal team around the new venture. This is much better than disbanding whole teams simply because the product didn’t have the expected results, or missing the window of opportunity entirely.

Develop at Start-up pace without having to be one

Large enterprise companies who have hired us to build the first version of their new software product are self aware of how they’ve become a lumbering giant, no longer as lean and nimble as the newer start-ups.

By partnering with a start-up agency, large companies can operate on start-up schedules without having to be one themselves. As an added bonus, they can avoid the politics, buy-ins, and bureaucracy that potentially slow the development of nascent ventures to a crawl.

Large enterprise clients have chosen to work with us because our portfolio includes a healthy mix of start-up clients as well as big enterprise clients. We bring ideas to the table and iterate quickly, bringing ideas to fruition within months.

“It was somewhat of an awkward project. That’s why we needed someone very entrepreneurial.”
– New Ventures Lead in SF Bay Area, 1000+ employee multinational enterprise company

It may not always makes sense to hire an agency to build your enterprise software. However, if you find yourself nodding and agreeing with some of these points, perhaps outsourcing does make sense for your new venture. At least, until you know it’s going to be successful and can invest in more internal resources.

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